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Solanum Solstice Instructions and Strategy Guide

Solanum Solstice by Soma Studios: Daniel Hunnicut, Jeremy Rogers, Tarick Khalaf, Andrew Ho, (c) 2007.

Fight zombies, gather resources, and research upgrades and abilities to survive the zombie onslaught until you can find the fabled artifacts that could hold the answer to the zombie infestation. The game ends when all human units die or you finish the endgame sequence.


Human Survivors
There are three different survivor classes: Civilians, Military, and Scientists. Each can perform tasks specific to their class and get special upgrades from research.

Civilians gather resources, build traps and roadblocks, and repair roadblocks. They fight with their fists, but can learn some basic wepaon skills at high levels, have a medium vision range, and medium speed.

Scientists can do research at the Library and heal other units. They are very weak and have a limited vision range, but are the fastest unit.

Military units are the primary attack units. They can handle heavy weaponry and have high vision, strength, and hitpoint values. You can send military units into infested buildings (ones marked with a biohazard symbol) to cleanse the zombies in the houses. When you get a weaponry upgrade, it will be applied to any military units spawned after the research.

Your military units (cops) will attack when the zombies come in range of their weapons. They start out with fists, so your first priority should be to research the military branch to level 1 so they can use pistols.

There are three types of zombies, reflecting zombified versions of the human classes. The scientist-zombies are fast but have fewer hitpoints. The civilian-zombies have standard strength, hitpoints, and speed. The soldier-zombies are slower but are much stronger and have more hitpoints. Fortunately, zombies lack the dexterity and intelligence to fire weapons, so the soldier zombies are, like all the other zombies, close-range attackers. Zombies wander around randomly until they detect a nearby human, then they run toward them and start biting until the human dies, or the zombie is killed. Zombies spawn from the abandoned Abandoned Military Base, the Shopping Mall, or the Hospital.

Move the cursor with the Left Thumbstick. Move the map with the Right Thumbstick.

X button: executes "special" actions and selection of units.
A button: moves units to the desired position (if it is a walkable space)
Y button: goes to roadblock/trap mode, When in roadblock/trap mode, press Y again to place it at the current location.
B button: cancels actions (mostly for trap mode)

Right Trigger: Multiple Unit Selection mode
Left Trigger: Opens the Research menu (with Library selected)
opens the Summon menu (with Beacon selected)
Right Bumper: Rotate roadblocks (toggle vertical/horizontal)
Back: Quit

Strategy / Guide:

Main Strategy
The key to this game, besides actual survival, is research. Research early, research often. The endgame shows up after you reach research level 10, so you must perform research to win the game.

Selecting Units
Select units by holding X and dragging the Selection Box over the desired units. You can select a maximum of 12 units at once. Select single units by placing the cursor over them and pressing X. To select multiple units individually, hold down the Right Trigger and select multiple units with the X button.

To research, you need Researchers inside the Library, and you need to select what to research. First, send the Researchers to the Library. With Science units selected, you can press the X(special action) button on the Library to send them there. Next, you must actually start researching by selecting the Library with the X button, and then holding the Left Trigger to open up the Research Menu. With the Research Menu open, move the cursor over a node to see a description of the upgrade. To do Research for a particular class, press X with the cursor on the desired Class Icon on the left hand side of the window. The Research Progress Meter will begin to fill up. The more scientists you have, and the higher the level they are, the faster research will be completed.

Creating Units
To create new units, select the Beacon building by pressing X while your cursor is on top of it and holding the Left Trigger to bring up the Beacon Summon Screen. While in the Beacon Summon Screen, put the cursor on top of the unit you want to recruit and press X to summon it to the Beacon. Keep in mind that the type of units available depends on the research you've done and upon the amount of Food you have. There is no delay between summoning units, so you can summon as many people as you want, according to how much Food you have. Civilians come out of nearby houses, Military units come out of the bunker to the south, Scientists come out of the library. Everyone gathers in front of the Beacon.

To cleanse infected buildings (the ones with the biohazard symbol), select military units and move the cursor on top of the infected house you wish to cleanse. The cops will enter the building and a progress bar will appear above the building. The HUD will display the number of military units and zombies remaining in the building. The cleansing will complete when all the zombies or all the military units are dead. If the zombies are killed, you will earn rewards, such as food, wood, research points, and maybe even survivors.

Food is used to summon/create units. To collect food, send your civilians to the "Pvblix" to collect it. Select the civilians you want to collect food, and use X (special action) on the Pvblix. They will automatically start collecting food and taking it back to your base.

Wood is used to build traps and barricades. Collect wood the same way you collect food, by selecting civilians and sending them to the "Big Wood" Home Improvement center. They'll bring back wood to the base for you.

To set traps and roadblocks, you must have enough wood to build one (each trap costs 4 wood initially), select a civilian and press Y. A roadblock ghost will appear, and you can move it around the map. It will turn green if it can be placed in a particular location, and red if it cannot. You can change roadblock orientation by pressing the Right Bumper. If traps are unlocked, you can cycle through them by pressing the Left Bumper repeatedly. Set the trap by pressing Y again. Press B to cancel placement. Roadblocks take damage, and will break down after a while unless they are repaired by civilians. Traps kill a specific number of zombies before they break down and cannot be repaired.

The Endgame
When you have completed the research for a specific class up to level 10, you will reach the endgame. An artifact will appear in one of the zombie spawn locations (Mall, Military Base, or Hospital). To win, you must collect the Artifact by leading your troops to the spawn point and cleansing the building of all of its zombies. Amass a large, high-quality fighting force, take some scientists along to heal them, and get ready for the fight of your life.

Good luck and Godspeed!

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