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Project Description
A 2D Survival-Horror RTS. You command the last human survivors in a zombie-infested town. You must build barricades, collect food and resources, cleanse buildings of zombies, and research and upgrade your survivors to ultimately defeat the never-ending horde of shambling spectres.

A semester-long project for the Summer 2007 Game Design course at Georgia Tech. Written by Daniel Hunnicutt, Jeremy Rogers, Tarick Khalaf, and Andrew Ho.

We are proud to announce our first "Release" version of Solanum Solstice!

*DirectX 9.0c
*.NET framework redistributable
*XNA Game Studio 2.0 redistributable
*Graphics card that can support DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 1.1
*XInput-compatible controller (namely, the Xbox 360 USB controller / wireless dongle) to play


Gameplay Trailer (ALPHA)*

Development swiki

Instructions / Strategy Guide

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